Halloween Treats You Can Make

Chelsea Coss, Editor in Chief

It’s that time of year, pumpkin pie and lattes. Sweet treats are everywhere, and here are some you can make at home:

Caramel Apple- A classic treat in Autumn:

  1. Take an apple of any color, (Red is most common)
  2. Dip in caramel or pour caramel on top…mmm
  3. Stick in the fridge or freezer!
  4. Wait then eat!

Mac-O-Lantern- Something new!

  1. Take a bell pepper of any color!
  2. Cut off the top and hallow the inside!
  3. Cut out a “jack-o-lantern” face in your bell pepper.
  4. Cook Mac and Cheese!
  5. Fill Bell pepper with Mac and Cheese!
  6. Enjoy!

Dragon’s Blood Punch!- A frightening thirst-quencher!

  1. Combine Ginger Ale, Apple Juice and Red punch!
  2. Add ice and chill.
  3. Serve in your spookiest glasses!
  4. Drink up!

Spider Bites!- Great to make with children!

  1. Melt Chocolate!
  2. Grab some pretzels!
  3. Dip your pretzels in chocolate!
  4. Quickly build your own spider!
  5. Put in fridge to harden chocolate!
  6. Wah-la! Chocolate spiders!

Bubbling Cauldron Punch!-Fizzy Fun

  1. Take thawed frozen limeade and pour it into your cauldron.
  2. Pour in some [non-alcoholic] ginger beer.
  3. Add scoops of green tea ice cream
  4. Pour the remaining Ginger Beer over top to create foam!
  5. Enjoy!

Please enjoy these deliciously quick to whip up treats and drinks! Tis the season to start eating!

Warning: May involve lots of clean up! For more Halloween recipes go to foodnetwork.com!