Top 10 Best Movies for Halloween

Konner Berlund, Staff Reporter

Top 10 movies for getting into the Halloween spirit. Just my opinion on the hundreds of movies in the genre.

10.Michael Dougherty: Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat embraces Halloween and makes it very creative. It follows the perspective of multiple people and all of their ways they spend the holiday but not the typical trick or treating sort of way.

9.John Carpenter: The Thing

John Carpenter’s The Thing, is suspenseful, gory and has amazing effects that has stood the test of time. It has themes full of people being dis-trustworthy and trusting no one.

8.Tim Burton: Nightmare before Christmas

Tim Burton’s Nightmare before Christmas stands out in many ways as the best Halloween movie. It’s a great combination of a Gothic style and Christmas feel to combine into one song full of creativity and excitement.  

7.Henry Selick: Coraline

Coraline feels very artsy, based on the book by famous UK author Neil Gaiman. Unlike Nightmare before Christmas Coraline feels less festive and more telling its own story. The movie has creepy moments and gets away with a lot when it comes to kids films. It’s still a really fun movie that everyone can enjoy.

6.William Friedkin: The Exorcist

The Exorcist a Halloween classic. Although the beginning is very slow, it picks up real quick and is full of scenes that will give you nightmares. The movie has a lot of history in the making. For example, two people died while making this movie as certain things on the set catch fire. This movie is a must see for the holiday.

5.Sam Raimi: The Evil Dead 2

One of the best Halloween sequels of all time. Evil dead 2 is very random, A mixture of gore, comedy, action and overall craziness that has to be seen. The Evil Dead series is a trilogy but all three can be watched themselves because all three have different themes, characters and plots that don’t really connect. Overall Evil Dead 2 is a cheep looking movie that hasn’t aged well but still lots of fun with some comedy elements.

4.Tobe Hooper: Poltergeist

Poltergeist is a movie that scared millions. It open the horror genre with new ideas. In my opinion it’s a little dated but it had to be on this list because it’s so iconic.

3.James Wan: Saw (the first one!)

Saw is know for interesting traps and really cool kills but this is where it started. Saw is the first example of a murder mystery and makes you think and the first time you watch it, you’ll find yourself with a crazy ending that you wouldn’t have seen coming.

2.Clive Barker: Hellraiser

Hellraiser is the Goreset, Nightmarish film on this list. This film introduces the cenobites, which are characters who provide anyone who opens an item called the box, pain and pleasure. The film takes the idea of love and lust and makes it a form of evil. Hellraiser is full of body horror and messed up visuals with a uncertain ending.

1.John Carpenter’s: Halloween

It’s not gory, it’s not the scariest but it’s the one that started the classic horror movie slasher. John carpenter’s masterpiece was the film that has been repeated by multiple movies time and time again. The final girl, the big psycho killer, and dumb decisions made by the teens, it started here. And that’s why it’s number one because of its importance in the history of film.