Which Businesses is Generation Z Supposedly “Killing” Now?

Chelsea Coss, Editor in Chief

Generation Z is composed of those born between 1995 and 2010. All Warrior Ink staff are considered Generation Z, as is everyone attending high school at present.

We should be appalled, shocked, and revolted by the amount of garbage we get for “killing” specific industries. But, just for fun, here is a partial list of the industries that have accused us of cold-hearted murder:

Football (both local and professional)

Apparently, less students are joining high school football, there has been a drop of roughly 3.5% in High School participation. Not only are we not playing, we aren’t watching, either. Are we the generation that ends the near-religious fervor that is America’s  football craze?  [The sport itself has gotten a lot of bad publicity over the past few years about players ending up with brain damage…]

Cash (and paper checks too)

As the digital age blossoms, we are carrying more cards and less cash. Research shows that majority of people under 30 prefer cash and we are even using cards for very small payments, or even PayPal. Some restaurants in particular have had to impose minimum order amounts for credit card users, some as high as $20 locally, because of the fees the restaurant has to pay per transaction. Some students are also looking ahead to using cryptocurrencies.

Cable TV 

We seem to be watching a lot less television, right? Wrong, instead we are streaming it, binging entire multi-season shows on Netflix and Hulu. Which isn’t really surprising –  we prefer no commercials and all the episodes in one sitting – who wouldn’t? Hence the phrase, “Netflix and Chill.”


Less teenagers are signing onto Facebook. Generation Z seems to prefer Snapchat and Instagram. The “excuse” for why they still have Facebook, is just for messenger. We prefer to use more recent social media, and consider Facebook to be for our parents.

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