Red Dead Redemption II; More Amazing Than Anyone Could’ve Predicted


Gabe Coleman, Entertainment Editor

Throughout these past couple of years in gaming, many new games have been hinted at and hyped up to be released. The newest games this year have been out-of-this-world experiences such as God of War, Black Ops 4, Sea of Thieves, Madden ’19, the newest Spider-Man game, and of course Modern Warfare 2 Remastered. And, although every single one of those games have been spectacular in their own individual ways, few or none have been able to live up to the hype and the height of expectations as Red Dead Redemption II.

If you have never heard of the Red Dead Series, it’s an open-world shooter in which you take on the role of a different Outlaw on the run. Throughout these games, you must survive the Rugged West in the era of Gunslingers and the early beginnings of the Industrial Age. The story follows different outlaws which you must take on the role of surviving and creating a name for yourself. In Red Dead Redemption 2, you play as Arthur Morgan, second in charge of the Dutch Gang. Throughout the game you must escape and evade the Lawmen while taking on other outlaws and murderous groups, making your gang the most feared and respected.

As for myself, I had played the original Red Dead Redemption and loved every aspect of the game, from being able to go around and hunt many different species of animals to collecting bounties for murderous groups. No game had that much detail at the time and it felt good to be able to travel on horseback and be a real outlaw… Until now. Of course as soon as the game came out I had to buy it and it’s worth every penny. Thanks to the unbelievable workers and all the hands that went into making this game at Rockstar Gaming Inc., Red Dead II is the most gorgeous game to date.

In the new Red Dead, the amount of detail in every action is astonishing. All reloading animations are real and authentic. You’re able to clean and feed your horse, creating a bond that increases over time. You are able to clean weapons and take care of your camp, buying new tents and tables making your camp more home-like.

The new aspects of hunting are incredible with a range of over 200 new animal species throughout the game. The amount of missions and quests available are insane and you should rarely get the same encounters. Every mission has a new outline and no mission feels repetitive. Every inch of this game is meant to be special. With the newest announcement of Red Dead Online coming to Red Dead II, this is surely going to be the greatest game released of 2018.

After the game came out, I had went around our students here at Indian River High ans asked their opinion on this newly released game. -Warning, Partial Spoilers ahead!-

Gavin Silberberg, 18, a Senior at IRHS, said, “Mannn I’m in love with this game too much. Everything about it has me shook and I just can’t get enough. The amount of detail and weapons, it’s crazy. My favorite game for sure.”

Donovan Howard, 17, said, “Bro there isn’t a game that beat this one. Its awesome how you can change the story by some different actions such as sparing someone or killing them. And the fact you can literally rob any store and/or person is just insane. It really does a good job portraying an Outlaw.”