Super Smash Direct 11.1.18 Recap


Composite image by author.

Robert Jackson, Entertainment Editor

The Smash direct stream on November 1st 2018 was the last one until the game releases on December 7th, so here’s a quick synopsis if you haven’t heard the news yet!

New Fighters

Ken Masters (Street Fighter) is introduced in a fight against Little Mac

He is shown to be an echo fighter to Ryu with differences in attacks from minor stuff like his hadoken being a different shape than Ryu’s and his Tatsumaki Senpukyaku (Helicopter Kicks) strikes opponents multiple times, to bigger changes like different command input attacks from his original game series and his 2 final smashes are Shinryuken and Shippu Jinraikyaku.

Incineroar (Pokemon Sun/Moon)is introduced after Ken beats Little Mac

His move-set is kinda like moves from a pro wrestling show except his attacks hurt for real! Its throw attacks are powerful and he poses after his attacks land a hit (but you can also cancel out of these). He takes moves from his game like Darkest Lariat, Cross Chop, Revenge, and his special final attack Max Malicious Moonsault.

Piranha Plant (Super Mario)is a pre-order character, who is shown is shown to have a wide varied move-set based on some of the features in the super mario games.

New Amiibos! Such amiibos include Inkling, Ridley, Wolf, King K. Rool, Ice Climbers, Pichu, Isabelle, Ken, Young Link, and Daisy


There are no longer any collectable prize trophies, instead there is a new game mode called “Spirits,” which are NPCs from the franchises of the games of the fighters, who boost attributes of fighters. In this game mode (opened with a beautifully animated cutscene) shows that fighters have been taken and you must fight to save them. There is a ranking system of the spirits that in order list Novice, Advanced, Ace, & Legend. You earn them bu winning custom fights that you select from an overworld.

Assist trophies

Some new Assist trophies were added so here’s that list and what game they’re from.

Shadow (Sonic)

TakaMaru (The Mysterious Murasame Castle)

Starman (Earthbound)

Nightmare (Kirby’s Adventure)

Color TV-Games 15

Yuri Kozukata (Fatal Frame)

Isaac (Golden Sun)

Black Knight (Path of Radiance)

Thwomp (Super Mario)

Spring Man (Arms)

Dr. Wily (Mega Man)

Flies & Hand (Mario Paint)

Tiki (Fire Emblem Awakening)

Vince (Art Academy)

Guile (Street fighter)

Akira (Virtua Fighter)

59 assist trophies in total now!

Other Features

Century Smash is a mode where you try to destroy as many enemies as possible within a time limit. There’s a Replay Mode to watch all your saved battles, and a way to view Tips to help learn how to play a certain fighter or stage.

There’s a Challenge Page to complete challenges and earn rewards, and Records area to keep track of your personal stats.

Supports 11 languages

Radar shows where players are in relation to map and you can change its size as to not block the fight. Custom Balance has been installed to act as a handicap system where you can make it easier or harder to play against others.

Customize mii fighters (new Outfits)

DLC CONFIRMED FOR FUTURE, although it may take up to a year after the game releases to start announcing them!