Is Hip hop the New Rock ?

Konner Berlund, Entertainment Editor

Hip hop has always been influential in the past. Hip hop though in the 90’s was very underground and a cult medium, you still had big artist and big songs in the 90s like Tupac, Biggie, Lauryn Hill and more but those artists aren’t looked as legends this generation.

Hip hop has replaced rock in many ways, one of the ways is sound. Hip hop’s sound has changed drastically over the years. Now hip hop is less about having to rap fast or be unique and is now filled with samples from metal bands.

Now it’s more important to make a good song on its own than worrying about bars or flows. A lot of artists that are consider “hip-hop” artists, use a lot of guitar riffs and drums for there beats which was very rare in the past.

Hip hop has became the new rock with the artists themselves. Many artists now in the rap genre are wearing and saying stuff that people in the 90’s wouldn’t considered hard or hip hop. Artist like Trippie Redd, Lil uzi vert, Juice Wrld, Ghostemane, and more are seen wearing t-shirts of metal bands, chokers and skinny jeans with boots. Instead of the 90’s hip hop with saggy jeans and long chains. The style now is something more inline with “Nirvana or System of a down”.

Hip hop in many ways has gained the Punk, not caring, grunge style, that rock had before.