New Harry Potter Movie “Fantastic Beasts”

Kira Grega, Staff Reporter

New Harry Potter Movie “Fantastic Beasts”

Over the weekend my little sister and I decided to go to the movies. I’ve always been obsessed with anything Harry Potter so when I heard they made a movie including the amazing series, I immediately wanted to go watch it.

My little sister, not so much, as she’s only 6. After letting her stuff her face with french fries and ice cream, she finally agreed on the movie. I payed for our tickets and we walked through the side doors. As soon as we entered, the overwhelming stench of popcorn and other unnamable food filled the air. My sister, being the staggering 32 pound beast she is, made a run for the concession stand. I bought her a large popcorn and m&m’s knowing very well she’d eat it all in a matter of minutes.

As we made our way through the line to enter the movies, most people were going into the same room as us. We made sure to get in 20 minutes early, and even then, the seats were almost full. We found two seats in the third to top row. As we watched more commercials than I ever have before, I listened to the people around us giving their opinions on what they believed would happen at the end… Stupid people…

I’ll start by saying Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald, got a 40% on rotten tomatoes. The opening scene had some amazing cinematography. The creatures were amazing, but the plot was just sloppy and if you’re a TRUE Harry Potter fan than in my opinion, you’d be disappointed.

The amount of hints they threw around about characters being related to one another, then stating ‘JUST KIDDING’, was a bit of a buzzkill. For this being a “kids movie” it had a lot of implied rape, impregnation, and force for people to do things against their own wishes.

On the positive side, the movie very well portrayed the wizarding world as though almost every scene included a spell and magic. The story line was muddled at first, but became clear in the end, and also included some shocking reveals! The ending, I would have to say is worth the wait.