Youtube´s Race to 100 Million, Pewdiepie vs. T-Series

Robert Jackson, Entertainment Editor

A huge race in the YouTube community is happening right now and if you are not already aware of the race, then here is the backstory.

Pewdiepie created his channel and uploaded his first video on October 2, 2010, a gaming video of the popular game Minecraft, and quickly rose past all other channels at the time, even rising past the number one channel at the time, a sketch comedy channel by the name of Smosh!

T-series was also created in 2010, uploading its first video on December 23, the video was a trailer for a sports movie. Unlike Pewdiepie, T-Series is a company so instead of only one or two people making a video, A company could do the same at a faster rate, although it has more restrictions on what the creators make as it could affect the company.

Now jump forward to earlier this year in  Since December 2017, when T-Series has been getting 100,000 subscribers daily consistently, growing 4 times Pewdiepie´s daily sub growth.

Eventually Pewdiepie addressed the situation by creating a Diss Track, originally titled “T-Series Diss Track”, on October 5, 2018 which sparked the races beginning as Pewdiepies sub count rate 120,000!

Another YouTube by the name of Mr.Beast also was a huge contributor to the boost in Pewdiepie’s subscribers by doing stunts as advertising and spreading the message of Pewdiepie’s channel or recording himself saying the YouTubers name 100,000 times.

Other people promoted his Chanel like a twitter user by the name of TheHackerGirrafe who saw that there were 50,000 printers were open to the internet and so they printed a list of tasks that requests the recipient to sub to pewdiepie, or Markiplier, another popular YouTuber, who held a live stream telling others to subscribe to pewdiepie

T-series hasn’t started anything on the subject as of yet, as it may affect their view count, but as of now Pewdiepie is still the number 1 most subscribed content-creator on Youtube.