IRHS plays Super Smash Smash Bros Ultimate

Robert Jackson, Co-Entertainment Editor

Super Smash Brothers is the critically acclaimed game franchise made by Masahiro Sakurai.

What does Indian River High students think about its latest, “Ultimate” installment?

I took the liberty of finding out that answer myself by bringing my Nintendo Switch to school and playing the game with some other students. After I played a few rounds with them, I gathered their opinions on the game.

Matt, a casual player, says “It’s pretty fun! The gameplay is smooth, well-balanced between its characters, and fair!”

Randy Wagstaff, 10th grade, said “I’ve never spent more time on any other game than this.” and “It helped me [form a] bond between me and my family and friends.”

Maddy, 11th grade, said “The Joy-Con controllers are super small and hard to play with, but the gameplay is still as enjoyable as the last game.”

Rebecca, 9th grade, said “I like the graphics and the game played smooth, even if I’m not that good at it.”

One person said they wanted to stay anonymous, but wanted to say that they thought it was, “the best game since God of War!”

Personally, I have almost finished 100% of the entire story mode and unlocked all of the fighters, and I’d say that it is a blast to play through. All the characters are fun to play as, and each level is beautifully recreated from all of the previous installments of this franchise all the way back from the Nintendo 64. It is a fun and challenging game to play with your friends, the online play is really stable, you get to customize the gameplay, and it’s my personal favorite in the series.

I would rate this game a 9/10 only because some characters currently overpowered so the online competitive board is a little unfair, but Smash is constantly coming out with updates, so there’s hope for fixing that.