Netflix Prices Go Up!


Briana Hemingway, Staff Reporter

Recent news shows that Netflix will soon be raising its prices as well as ending password sharing, which is concerning to many people.

The company plans to be raising its prices by $1-$2 a month. Which means $12-$24 a year. New prices will be applied to existing users over the next few months and new members will be exposed to it immediately.

The reason why Netflix is raising prices is because they are spending billions of dollars on content. About 10 billion dollars to be exact. And their stock has skyrocketed 6% already which is good for investors.

Personally, I don’t think it is a good idea that they are ending password sharing. It might force people to actually make an account and pay money but there are other options like HULU which still has password sharing. Which might in the end, make Netflix bring in less money.

A good reason to continue to subscribe to Netflix would be their Original Content. A lot of the original content that Netflix comes out with goes viral and has amazing reviews. One of the very popular ones being “Bird Box”.

Netflix also closed out 2018 with its biggest hit yet, Bird Box, a horror film starring Sandra Bullock. It has since become a social media phenomenon, and Netflix’s most-watched movie according to the company. Netflix claimed that more than 45 million accounts watched the film in its first week of release. 

Still, there are concerns about what would happen to Netflix’s subscriber count if competitors were to pull their licensed content from the service to make it exclusive to their own streaming services, as Disney has promised to do. A lot of famous Disney and Marvel movies are rumored to be pulled from Netflix’s streaming service soon.

The ultimate decision is up to you.