Tough Topics: Get the 411 on Abortion in America

The shouting voices in the abortion debate can be hard to sort out.

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The shouting voices in the abortion debate can be hard to sort out.

Z Goodman, Staff Reporter

Mark Twain, speaking about his time as a newspaper editor and reporter once said “Get the facts first.  Then you can distort them as much as you wish.”  He certainly knew the American political landscape.

Abortion is one  of the most argued issues in America. Pro-Lifers and Pro-Choicers often butt heads on this topic. Pro-Lifers often tie Christianity into their arguments. Saying things such as “God is offended by your decision”. Pro-Choicers say that a woman is entitled to the rights of their own body and shouldn’t have anything to do with your religion.

Many women who decide to get abortions often consider what life the child would have. Saying things such as “Can I afford this baby?” “I have no idea how to take care of a baby” or “I was raped”. These are all reasons to consider an abortion because in reality babies are hard work.

According to Conservapedia, these are the reasons women commonly cite for choosing an abortion.
According to Conservapedia, these are the reasons women commonly cite for choosing an abortion.

“Can I afford this baby?”

During their first year babies cost on average $12,500. Many young mothers can not afford that or may have to work multiple jobs to afford that. Then you have to think where is the baby going to stay while the mother is working? Daycare costs money and if the mother has no family or close friends nearby she will have to stay home by herself and care for the child.However if she can find someone to live with or care for the child adding two more people to your household(including a baby) can be a burden for the person they are staying with. We then have yet another child born into financial instability and poverty.

“I’m not emotionally ready”

Taking care of a child is not just changing diapers and buying formula. A child needs love and affection, and almost constant attention. After birth many women experience postpartum depression a severe depression that affects 1 in 8 women in the months following childbirth. That means 500,00 women a year experience postpartum depression. A single mother generally has to take on most or even all of the responsibility for a child. .

“Adoption is an option”

Although Pro-Lifers think putting the baby up for adoption is a great option, the foster care system is brutal and cold system. Adoption is an expensive legal process, and if both parents of the child are not white, statistics show they have less chance of being adopted.  Nearly 400,000 American children are in a system where they may never have a permanent family and are constantly passed around from place to place.

“I was raped”

During a survey that was taken by National Crime Research Center of 315 women that were raped, it was shown 20 of these rapes resulted in a pregnancy. Rape is a violent crime and often leaves victims scarred for life. Many victims need year (or more) of therapy to help them cope with this. Most women often would not like to be forced to carry the baby of their abuser and relive the crime for months with an unplanned and unwanted baby.

“There was an extenuating circumstance”

There are some medical cases where the child may not have high quality of life or even die in the womb or immediately after birth. Rebecca Cohen, already a mother of two, wrote a piece for The Washington Post and explained why she aborted her baby at 20 weeks. At what should have been a happy ultrasound checkup, she and her husband found out that the baby was literally missing most of its brain and would not have lived very much longer. If she would have been forced to carry that baby, knowing this, it would have been an even worse emotional toll on her. No mother should ever have to go through that.

Abortion is not just a matter of killing an innocent child. There is thought process that a mother has to go through before aborting a child. There are things that need to be considered before making such a decision. Although many people may have their religious views, the Supreme Court made abortion legal nationwide to show that religion and law are separate.  Many states have put all kinds of limits on when and where abortions are allowed, but there comes a time when you have to consider your options and sometimes an abortion may be the best thing not only for you but for the unborn child.