Vets at Higher Risk of Heroin Addiction

Mattylynn Dusharm, Staff Reporter

The large number of heroin addicts include a large number of the veterans who have or are still serving our country.  The Veteran’s Administration health system is struggling to help them, and it’s a bad influence on U.S. citizens.

Veteran Ross Armentor is a recovering heroin addict, and has been clean for three years.  He was originally prescribed a strong and very addictive pain killer because he messed up his hamstring in Iraq. Shortly after taking them he became addicted very quickly.

“Two pills became five, five became ten, ten became fifty. And you know the saying is ‘one is too many and a million is never enough’, and that was definitely my story,” he recalled.

Eventually he started getting a higher tolerance towards them so he then turned to heroin.

Expert, Dr. Julie Franklin testified to [who? when? ] find out 60% of the veterans going back to the middle east have to deal with chronic pain of some sort that are in need for some kind of treatment.

An investigation made it clear that 63,880 veterans needed to be treated for an opioid disorder. Therefore, VA released a “Opioid Safety Initiative”, causing opioids to be prescribed less.

Colorado Congressman [who?] stated there is still a “prescribe first mentality” among VA practitioners. However, physician Kristine Glass states it should be up to the patient.