The Impact Of Divorce On Children Of All Ages

Makayla Parker, Health Editor

As you can see in our school, many of the students here at IRCSD have parents who are separated. Kids generally tend to be affected by their parents divorce whether they realize it or not. Psychologists show that kids who have divorced parents, are more likely to have further insecurities rather than kids whose parents are still together.

It’s hard for kids who have separated parents, because they won’t be able to know what a together family really is. Being away from one parent can have a huge impact on children. They will view things differently, such as doubting what love and commitment really is. Kids are likely to have more uncertainties due to the fact that they don’t have both parents there for them all the time.

Every divorce has a different impact on each child. Some are able to talk to both parents, where others are not. Many children think that the cause of their parents divorce is them-self, and that usually them leads to a low self-esteem. Children that have parents who argue constantly, can make them feel a certain way and cause some mental health issues such as anxiety, bipolar, and depression. These three psychological issues are common with children who have divorced parents, or are dealing with parents who are going through a divorce.

The cause of this is because most kids, especially teenagers, get tired of the constant fighting, and just want things to go back to how they were when everything seemed “perfect” and in some cases they just want the divorce to be over with so it all just stops.