How your Siblings can be Good for your Health

Makayla Parker, Health Editor

As you know, most of us have siblings.  Although we may fight with them a lot, and they get on our nerves, they’re one of the people in our lives who we will love no matter what.  

Depending on how close you are to your siblings, they can improve your mental health. You can talk about how you’re feeling, or you can talk about the weirdest stuff ever and they wouldn’t judge. Maybe you have a ton of siblings, but there’s just that one you feel closest to and you feel like you can talk to them about anything.

Having siblings may be frustrating at times, but in the end we are thankful to have them as our siblings.

Being close to your siblings can improve your mental health because 99.9% of the time they’re just like you. You could do anything you want together, and you have the same parents so you can relate to each other.

Having a sibling is one of the best things you could have in life. If you’re an older sibling and have a younger brother or sister, usually you’d want to see them succeed in life and make good choices.

Researchers show that having a sibling bond can improve our happiness because we have emotional support during our whole lives. Usually, we develop our relationship with our siblings as we get older, then by the time you’re adults, you’re best friends.

Surprisingly, siblings can also make us become more athletic. If you’re not really a sporty type, and your sibling is, they can encourage us to do more, or try new things, such as going for walks more often, or even running.

Having siblings can really change your life in a positive way. Though we may fight with them a lot, in the end we are thankful for them and love them. They’re our best friends.