NaNoWriMo: No, It’s Not A Voodoistic Chant

It’s November… again. A month where the food is always plenty and the people don’t shave and for some people, it’s a month of writing a novel. Have you ever considered being a famous author but haven’t published a word? Well then, you’re off to a sucky start! This November 1st marked yet another National Novel Writing Month and there’s little hope of catching up.

NaNoWriMo’s goal is to get you writing. For 50,000 words you get a shot at being noticed by famous authors and publishers and a few sponsor based prizes. Not to mention you’d be getting your work out there. What better audience than the internet?

With access to some incredible reference forms you can find out everything and anything you’d need to write your story. Digging around on the forums you can find anything you’d need, from character development forms to doctoring your plot. There are questions  ranging from geography to philosophy and other users share their knowledge on the topic.

Missed it this year? Well fortunately Nanowrimo is a yearly thing. They’ve already made 900k in funding so the chances of a next year are great.

“It’s really challenging but it’s worth it,” Sierra Cullum said in an interview, “I may write this year but I’m really late.”

And you’re late too future novel writer!  If this sounds like something you’re interested in you should start brainstorming ideas for the next year!