The Literary Club NEEDS you! (and your writing too…)


Anderson Graphics

The Literary Club bulletin board in room 269.

This situation is critical! The Literary Club is near its end–both physically and metaphorically!

It’s that time of year for Lit. Clubbers, their magazine deadline swiftly approaching and the club is hungry for contributors. What was once a finely tuned machine of future authors and writers has been whittled down to five members give or take, some of whom don’t consistently show or don’t contribute. The club is in serious need of a hero (and that hero could be you).  With their Senior leadership graduating in a few months, the club needs new members if it is going to continue.

The deadline for poems, stories, etc. is May 16th, with a tentative publication date near the end of that month.  All submissions will be edited for length and clarity, but club adviser Mr. Anderson made clear that one thing they do not do is censor anyone’s free expression.  He also indicated that many pieces selected for publication will also be available right here on this website for larger distribution.

“We will even publish works anonymously or under pseudonyms if requested,” Mr. Anderson stated.

They need writers of all shapes and sizes, who write anything from poems to personal stories to chapter books. If you have a talent for writing, reading, or editing come and visit room 269, for the weekly Wednesday after school meeting. Don’t want to go alone? Bring a friend! Don’t want to stay after school? The club has a submissions folder outside the room. People who have a passion for literature, people who take pleasure from the writing itself, casual writers, any one interested in writing is welcome to join or contribute.

“Great Cthlulu compells you to join, ” said the Club’s ‘El Presidente for Life’ Kaitlyn Greiner.  “He means it, too.”