Scott Keen, Author, Visits IRHS

Scott Keen was at the high school during theater classes to discuss his new book Scar of the Downers. I got to meet him during my third period class and thought it was an excellent experience. It was especially helpful for students who want to become writers, like myself. He was able to give us information that could possibly help students with their writing. The  other students also seemed to enjoy his presence. They were very engaged and asked questions such as; “Did you have a  talk with the illustrator about the way your book cover would be designed?” and “How did you know that you wanted to become a writer?”

Keen explained to the audience that he did not always want to be a writer. When he graduated from Carthage High School he wanted to be a police officer. It was not until he took a screenwriting class in college that he decided writing was what he wanted to do. He also expressed how he hated having his work critiqued because it would discourage him. It wasn’t until he entered one of his screenplays in a competition and made it to the finals that he felt like he could actually be a successful writer.

We even got to act out a piece of the novel in theater class. The story is about two orphans who are the “downers” that struggle to have a better life. The two main character Crik and Jak are really close friends who stick together throughout their entire journey.