IRHS Observance of World AIDS Day 2018


Angelique Izquierdo

Mary Goff plays cello for the gathered students during IRs observance of World AIDS day.

Angelique Izquierdo, Science and Technology Editor

December 1st, known internationally as World AIDS Day, is observed in remembrance of those who lost their fight with this preventable disease. Our school celebrated the lives of those and held a remembrance ceremony for all those affected and infected, this past Friday, Nov. 30th. A clip was broadcast on NNYTV, Indian River took great pleasure for the set-up and organization of this ceremony, which is not just sad but designed to be informative as well.

HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus, this virus makes your body unable to fight off any sort of infection; it attacks specifically your CD4 white blood cell. AIDS stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, it’s simply the result of having the HIV infection.

Senior McKenzie Whitmore, who spoke at the ceremony, stated “In 2015 it was recorded that youth aged 13-24 accounted for 22% of all new HIV diagnoses in the United States.” This ceremony was not only for honoring those who have passed and their families who have felt the impact but also to inform people on ways to be safe from obtaining this virus, and how to be tested in finding out if you do have it.

The ceremony itself was led by the drama club including, Ms.Kristie Fuller who has been apart of such organizations and ceremonies for many years, one organization in particular is the First Frost AIDS walk held every fall to raise funds for medical research. Students who spoke in the ceremony Friday included McKenzie Whitmore, Tristia Thompson, McEwen Thornton, Mikayla Estrada, Tyler Moss, and yours truly in replacement of Katie Hallett; the event could not have been done without our stage crew members and its leaders.

In the ceremony there was an interactive portion where the students and whoever attended were invited to pin a red ribbon upon the wreath; each ribbon signifying a loved one who had passed from the virus. In wrapping of the ceremony everyone was again invited to take a look at the quilts that were hung and had actually all been made by a loved one in remembrance to someone who had lost their fight.

The Drama Club would like to thank everyone involved and everyone who was able to come and share the World AIDS remembrance day at IRHS. They ask us all to never forget each December 1st to honor everyone affected and infected.

Angelique Izquierdo
Close up of some of the AIDS remembrance quilts.