Hallway Crowd Surfing: Is Three Minutes Enough?


Gabrielle Caballero

Congestion in the hallway


Why do we students only get three minutes to get to our next class? three minutes is too short to get across the school to your next class period just in time. Don’t believe me? Well, listen to what your other peers are saying about the three minutes between classes:

 Adam Corbo, Sophomore: “It’s ridiculous. How am I suppose to get to my locker, get my materials, go to the bathroom, and walk to my next class before the bell rings?”

Jacob McCartney, Sophomore: “It’s way too short, we should have five minutes.”

Dejah Smith, Senior: “It’s ridiculous, how are we suppose to get from the theatre hallway to the language hallway? It’s a big congestion in that hallway.”

Gabi Caballero, Junior agrees, saying: “It’s annoying and ridiculous.”

Rebecca Hudon, Senior: “Been late to class because of the traffic in the hallway. I think we should get out a minute earlier, section by section.”

Elizabeth Cotter, Senior: “We need at least another minute.”

Connor Hajdasz, Junior: “It’s not enough time.”

Glen Wheelock, Junior: “It’s fine but we can use another 30 seconds or a minute.”

Michayla Parris, Sophomore: “I dislike it.”

Some people really think having three minutes is a good amount of time to get what you need and do what you gotta do, and still be on time halfway across the school. Really? Who are they?

Also, as a teacher pointed out to me, if students have longer passing time between classes, then that will mean either a longer school day, or shorter class periods. No one I spoke to wants to stay in school longer, and it is unlikely the administration will go for shorter classes.

Mr. Alexander, the assistant principal of Indian River High School, says “This is the most common question that is asked at an average school around the world. It’s a policy to have three minutes as a passing time. It would have to happen to have a longer school day if you add minutes to the passing time between classes.” He also quoted, “The reason why the passing time is so short is because the students love to talk to their friends and I see that a lot.”

Some solutions that Mr.Alexander think it is possible for the students that believe that three minutes is not enough time is.

Walk faster
Coordinate (work out) locker times and visits
Early releases for students with long distances
Take five minutes off of lunch or in the morning