Student Council’s Newfound Creativity: Punny or Not?


Danielle Adams

Posters found in hallway

This year the competition for class officers took a turn for the creative. The signs vying for people’s votes were witty and clever. Some students running even had a few original signs and sayings posted around the school.

Noah LaClair made many creative signs to promote his candidacy for sophomore vice president. His signs ranged from offering kids free water at the water fountains to signs stating that he’s been making the world better since 1998.

Grace Lee, the new junior class president, signs may have also won her the presidency. She used humour and creative sayings like “Don’t Stop beLEEving” and “Keep Calm and Vote for Grace.” She converted popular songs and sayings to catch peoples eyes, and this strategy may have worked in her favor. One person even put up joke signs this year using popular characters, like Regina George and Glen Coco, from the movie ‘Mean Girls.’

The Senior classes officers are Felix Garcia as President, Rachel Rodriguez as Vice President, Ashlynn Borce as Treasurer, and Deanna Chavez-Gates as Secretary. Grace Lee is the Junior class President, Sarah Mattingly is the Vice President, Alex Berge is the Treasurer, and Kelsi Nabywaniec is the Secretary. For the Sophomore class, Kammikia Barnes is the President, Noah LaClair is the Vice President, Megan Lynch is the Treasurer, and Misty Rodriguez is the Secretary. The Freshman class officers are Patrick Leonard as President, Morgan Bowhall as Vice President, Alexandria Horton as Secretary, the Treasurer is Haley Martinez, and Co-Treasurer is James Raymond.

This years’ class officers have set a high standard for future candidates. Every year, candidates need to keep up the fun and ingenious signs to help secure their spot in student council.