Welcome to the Wild, Wild East?


Doug Smith

Courtesy of MCTCampus Service


Things that become the normal change with time. Change is often for the good and also can be for the bad. A change is occurring in our State of New York that is rubbing a lot of people in the wrong way and that change is the New York SAFE Act on Gun Control. Which is The a act contains a number of firearms regulations, and a severability provision, in case the broad prohibitions against weapons are invalidated by the courts


America is a very diverse country; so therefore we have many citizens that grew up very differently and have many different values. One person might have been raised to view guns as something you use for sport or hunting; but another person may view gunsas something to do criminal things with. This has created a major debate not just in New York; but in the whole country.


People on both sides of the subject have very good arguments , Most people that are not for Gun Control feel in a way it won’t change that much if we had stricter gun laws in the state of New York. “Banning guns will not ban pure stupid,” says Capt Baldwin, an active U.S Army recruiter.


However, the people that are for stricter laws feel like banning guns altogether would be disastrous and unconstitutional but to require training and a deep scanning of personal background is a fair idea. “In the wrong hands, it can be used in horrible ways,” says Danielle Adams, a Varsity tennis player here at Indian River. In a recent poll, 57% of the country say no to stricter laws and the banning of guns. It’s sort of a tradition of being an American to have the freedom of carrying around a weapon of your choice or need because it’s your right, but when others around the country misuse that freedom over and over again then it’s time to change up the laws just a little.


It have became the normal to hear about a mass shooting now, not to say the murder rate in major cities continue to rise. The NY Safe Act is a success to the minority in this debate. So, does this mean the state of New York knows right from wrong or is it being done just to shut up a few organized groups?


Either way ,it goes this is surprisingly a very touchy subject. Every 10 different people, you’ll get 10 different answers. It is impossible for anybody to come up with a solution that will make either side happy, so it will take steps like the NY Safe Act to change our state even our country. Many people might be very upset but in time the laws will become the norm; and who knows this might only be the beginning to a fight for gun control.