Babysitting Tragedies: How Well Do You Know Your Sitter?


Having to babysit for someone or your own family can be stressful and can lead to dangerous things and will end up with consequences. Numerous kids before the age of 6 have died due to lack of attendance or by the babysitters’ hand. Some people think having a babysitter is a good thing because they are trusted guardians, but how well do you really know the people babysitting your child?

 Some people don’t do a full background check on their babysitters and that will have negative effects on the safety of your home. What’s worse than having no safety in your home? The fact that there’s no safety for your children. It’s better to hire a licensed babysitter to babysit their kids on daily basis rather than people off the streets with no record of caring and meeting needs of a child.

Some examples of a babysitting tragedy that has occurred in the USA is absurd. Like the one that happened in Fort Pierce, Florida in January of 2013, a babysitter was charged with abuse of a 9 year old boy after being spotted with hickeys on his neck after crawling in bed with the babysitter on a regular night. As well as the Texas murder that happened weeks ago when a 5 year old shot himself with the babysitter’s gun left on the kitchen table in reach while the babysitter was taking a nap.

In Canada from January 1st to December 31st, after a  year of sexually touching, it finally was stopped after a former babysitter was charged with invitation of sexually actions and interference. During his time of babysitting, he let 6 year old boys touch him sexually and he promised the children that they wouldn’t get any toys if they ever told anyone.

So, remember to be able to fully trust and do a full background check on the people who you are expecting to be your babysitter.