What Are You Eating This Thanksgiving?


Pablo Alcala

Courtesy of MCTCampus

Stackpies: A unique twist on traditional Thanksgiving desserts!
Stackpies: A unique twist on traditional Thanksgiving desserts!

Thanksgiving isn’t all about the food… but take the food out of thanksgiving, and you have a family reunion full of starving travelers staring at the empty dinner table mournfully, regardless of football, thankfulness, or generosity. This is why It’s safe to conclude that Thanksgiving is a day to feast: the prized turkey surrounded by steaming mounds of stuffing, deliciously fresh dinner rolls accenting the parade of casseroles, pies of all different sizes and flavors waiting to be dished out to the table filled with wide-eyed, sugar-craving children of all ages… After a long year of waiting, the time for scrumptious Thanksgiving cuisine has finally arrived, and Indian River Warriors have a lot to say about the foods they hope to ravenously devour on the 28th of November, 2013.

 Every family has their own variety of foods to adorn the table. Some people are looking for new recipes to try this year, while others stay loyal to a strict family tradition. The variations of this Holiday feast might surprise you, but the trademark dishes definitely haven’t changed for a reason, as senior Emily Hendrick states. “My favorite Thanksgiving pie is Pumpkin Chiffon,”  Emily states with a smile; “Our family eats all the traditional Thanksgiving foods, and I’m definitely looking forward to the stuffing.”

So what are you looking forward to this Thanksgiving? The biggest, most mouth-watering family feast of the year is so close you can smell the turkey! Are you a Thanksgiving chef, or do you just participate in the disappearance of the food? Senior Jessica Chartier describes the essence of Thanksgiving perfectly: “I look forward to pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes, and family.” The holiday is nothing without a gathering of loved ones, even if your dinner is in a local restaurant this year… but the food is a pretty great too. Whatever your family is cooking, grilling, baking, buying, and (of course) eating this Thanksgiving, the IRHS journalism staff wishes you a happy Thanksgiving!