Typhoon In the Philippines Devastates; Hundreds of Thousands Injured, Dead, Or Homeless

As of November 8th, 2013, a category 5 typhoon has been reported in the Philippines.  At press time, the powerful winds and waves are still going and devastating all islands in the typhoon’s path. This has been one of the most devastating and destructive typhoons of this year and possibly all time ever reported. Approximately 100,000 people had to evacuate the area and millions have been put at risk of this destructive super-storm. Not only has this put people at risk of losing their family, but about 222 people have been killed already and 1000 have been injured (according to CNN). Will this storm take more lives, hurt more people, and destroy more homes?

Super Typhoon Haiyan is a category 5 typhoon that has been reported by Fox News to have at least a peak wind speed of 175 miles per hour on land and more than 190 miles per hour over sea. The amount of damage that it can do is incredible and has affected thousands of citizens of Samar, a hilly island east of Visayas. So far, this area and areas neighboring it have been torn by Haiyan, and more areas farther away may be destroyed as well. Samar and the archipelago it belongs to are the only areas majorly affected by Haiyan so far, but it is expected to travel up to the mainland of Asia and affect areas like India, China, and maybe as far as southern Russia.

Not only has Typhoon Haiyan destroyed homes, roads, and much of the infrastructure on the Archipelago Visayas, but this follows the destruction from a month ago, they also had a 7.2 magnitude earthquake leaving major destruction in its path. This left approximately hundreds of thousands of people homeless and especially vulnerable to the typhoon following the earthquake.  The Associated Press is reporting as many as  million people in the Phillipines are in temporary shelters, and may not have anything to go back to.

The humanitarian response to the disaster must unfortunately wait for safer conditions.  But if you care to donate and help out the victims of both disasters, go to this website – World Vision.

Update: As of November 12, an approximated 2500 people have been pronounced missing or dead (according to President Benigno Aquino III, president of The Philippines)