Congress Is Too Busy to Award Congressional Gold Medal

Source: By U.S. Navy (photo 80-G-41196) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Source: By U.S. Navy (photo 80-G-41196) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

On April 18th, 1942, a group of 80 volunteers flew sixteen planes over Japan in an event that became known as the Doolittle Raid. The daring and dangerous mission cost many of the raiders’ lives, and a group of people have banded together to honor their immense sacrifice by nominating the group for a congressional gold medal.

Walt Disney, John Wayne,  the entire 1980 Summer Olympic Team: these are just a few of the many recipients of the Congressional Gold Medal, but the group of eighty historical heroes who fought in WWII are not recognized here. This is why the fans of the Doolittle Raiders have nominated the WWII vets to be added to that list as well, and yet Congress has failed to pass the bills necessary to award this deserving group of heroes.

The request  for the medal is far from outlandish; the Doolittle raid marked a historical turning point for WWII. Jimmy Doolittle, the leader of the mission, was even awarded the Medal of Honor. Fans of the Doolittle Raiders want the rest of his team to be recognized as well, but they aren’t asking for congress to give out 80 awards; they simply want a single congressional gold medal awarded in the name of the Doolittle Raiders, and they are trying to achieve this goal while some members of the raid are still alive to accept it.

It has been a long wait, and there are now just a few Doolittle Raiders still living. According to the official website of the raiders, a senate and house bill must both be passed by a two-thirds majority vote in order to receive the medal. Currently, there is simply not enough support from congress for this to be awarded. Supporters of the Doolittle Raiders receiving Congressional Gold Medal plead with the citizens of America to contact their senators and representatives in favor of passing these bills.