It’s Not All Good In Canada

Is Toronto’s Mayor Out of Control?

Not everything is good in Canada. Toronto mayor Rob Ford recently admitted that he has smoked crack cocaine. He was also filmed doing so.

You would think that smoking a highly illegal substance would be the worst of his problems, but that is not the end for this once reputable mayor.  While Toronto is not the capital of Canada, it is their largest city, followed only by Vancouver on the west coast.

He recently apologized, saying that he didn’t remember ever smoking cocaine. He said he was in a drunken stupor, and explained that he has been in drunken stupors plenty of times.

Recently he admitted to purchasing illegal drugs within the past two years, while he was in office. Not even a week after his first incident, a video was released that showed Ford ranting and threatening to kill someone.

Although he has been asked by many to resign, as of press time, he has sworn to run for re-election. He could not be removed from office under the Toronto law that states, he would have to be convicted of a crime to be removed.  So far, he has not been charged with any.  Ford has had his powers limited, and there are some who think his power should be limited even more.

Today, he was filmed knocking over a woman while furiously charging at someone else who had shouted at him in a council meeting, as if he was going to attack the person in front of hundreds of witnesses. This stunt alone could end his political career.

With all the crazy things that this mayor has done, the big question is, when will this raging bull just call it quits?

[image courtesy of Richard Budman; CC license via Wikimedia]