Black Friday–Awesome Deals, or Amazing Levels of Greed?


What are you really thankful for?

On Thanksgiving, people sit down at the table with their family & make a speech about what they are thankful for and how they are proud of their loved ones and their freedoms. But the day after Thanksgiving, the most chaotic shopping day comes around, Black Friday.

Black Friday is the day where everything is on sale in some participating stores. Things on sell are mostly clothes, electronics, and toys. “Black Friday” gets the name because the sales often occur when its dark, as in late at night or early morning; but also because retailers finally go “into the black” as far as sales goes.

During the weeks prior and the week of Thanksgiving, everybody talks about Black Friday and the things they are going to buy. Some people camp out in front of the store until the store opens. Some people stay at home and stay up until Black Friday begins.

Increasingly, something always happens during Black Friday. Some fights break out and things get stolen.  People are left injured by their Black Friday experience.

This year, in the hours before Black Friday sales just about to start, people on Twitter began using the hashtag #Walmartfights, which later became a trending topic.

This hashtag originated with violence during Black Friday. In Las Vegas, a guy was shot by a passerby while walking down the street with his big screen TV.  Another man in Virginia, who was stabbed during an argument over a parking spot at Walmart at around 6:30pm. Many Americans were still eating their Thanksgiving dinner with their families during this time.  Sometimes, Black Friday gets a little out of control when it comes to great deals.  As the sales get earlier and earlier, beginning on Thursday instead of Friday, some shoppers and workers have started to complain about this violation of the holiday.

While you are shopping, thieves are too. Black Friday is usually a big day for thieves, so police keep a close eye on them. But with thousands of people in the stores, it’s hard keep track.  Shoplifters, those with counterfeit money and counterfeit coupon makers take advantage of the busy and overworked store staff; in many places local police and sheriffs warn about burglaries of houses increasing while people are out shopping.  They caution people not to announce they will be out of the house by posting on social media about their shopping plans.