Have You Heard of the Knockout Game?


Screen shot of ABC news report (via YouTube).

Recently, New York has become a center for a violent game known as the ‘knockout’ game. The goal of the game is to find a random target on the street and knock them out with a single punch.

Multiple cases of assault and murder have been linked to this game and a recent connection authorities have made is that many of the victims were Jewish.

According to Liz Fields and Gillian Mohney an attack was even made on a 78-year-old woman in Brooklyn, who was punched in the face by teens walking down her street.

Republican state Assemblyman Jim Tedisco has proposed a bill that says the knockout game attacks should be considered gang assaults and any teens involved should be tried as adults.

Tedisco told The Associated Press, “These twisted and cowardly thugs are preying on innocent bystanders and they don’t care if the victims are young, old, a man or woman. Life isn’t a video game. These are real people whose lives are not only being put in jeopardy but in many cases destroyed.”

Despite attempts made by authorities to put an end to the knockout game, attacks have seemed to spread out across the country occurring in five other states.  The media coverage does not seem to driving this spread so much as homemade videos made by the attackers themselves, and posted to YouTube or passed around on smart phones.