These Are Not the Drones You’re Looking For



Courtesy of MCT Campus Service.

The online shopping giant Amazon has decided to go a step further than same day delivery. They believe that through the use of unmanned drones, they could deliver packages to a person’s doorstep in about 30 minutes. Who needs same day service when you can get same hour?

Amazon founder and billionaire Jeff Bezos company, which released a short video on their “PrimeAir” idea this week wishes to get their drone operation underway in about 4-5 years. There are some aspects of the plan that have some people skeptical about how will it work.

The first thing that comes to mind is, how much can the drone carry? The company says this option would only be available for packages under 5 pounds, although Amazon claims that close of 90% of their orders fall in that range.

The second thing many think of, especially in this area, is how the military would react to unmanned drones that aren’t theirs, flying in United States airspace? They probably wouldn’t be real thrilled about it. Also where would this delivery be available? There aren’t very many Amazon distribution centers in the U.S. and in fact there are none in New York.

With all these aspects weighing down upon the drones, its hard to believe that this dream could actually become a reality.  Currently both the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which regulates the wireless channels drones would have to use,  and the Federal Aviation Association (FAA), which controls and monitors our airspace, would have to sign off on the the plan, and at present that looks unlikely.

First one might imagine all the amazing things that could come of this. You could buy a small amount of groceries online and have them delivered straight to the house, or imagine how easy it would be to order a video game or movie as soon as it came out.

Then one might also imagine all the bad things that could come of unmanned drones. Privacy would also be a problem to some. The drone would have to have on-board cameras to be able to be controlled and if it just happens to swoop by at a bad moment, it could put a damper in your afternoon.  One can’t help but notice all the drones crashed or lost by the highly trained United States military forces, which raises real worries of potential accidents.  Furthermore, Amazon has not given any clear idea of what such service would cost.

Although it is questionable, if it actually did happen, Amazon could be the leader of a new age of goods transport services.