Superhero Robot?


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screenshot from the CNN report on NASA’s Valkyrie robot

NASA has just released a superhero robot called Valkyrie. Valkyrie is the first of its kind but definitely not the last. It is 6.2 feet tall and 275 pounds. Could this mean that the hit TV show “Almost Human” will soon become reality? Maybe not but the robots that will follow Valkyrie are planned to be sent to planets like Mars as test subjects to see if humans can go there as well.

These robots are even planned to be compatible with humans here on Earth. Formerly impossible tasks may even become a reality with these new helping hand robots.

Skills that Valkyrie has presented so far include being able to register obstacles and pass them with ease. It has even demonstrated motor skills (while not exactly comparable to humans). These types of robots are only in prototype phase but are planned to meant for so much more. They are flexible, maneuverable, and have optic sensors letting them see and they don’t have to be controlled remotely. Valkyrie also has sonar, giving it a better ability to sense things that humans may not be able to. According to NASA, Valkyrie can hike, hurdle obstacles, use tools, and clear debris.

These assets will definitely prove useful for not only space exploration, but also everyday tasks that the elderly or children may not be able to perform. Keep in mind this is only the first of many helpful bots to come and improvements most definitely will be made.

To learn more, go to this video.