Will the IRCSD Logo Showdown Change Anything?

Since the 1960’s there has been an increase in the importance of not being racist towards Native American tribes with the use of mascots and team logos/emblems. For at least the last year now the Indian River Central School District (IRCSD) Board of Education has continually tabled the discussion of changing the school logos; the Indian with a headdress and the IR letters with a spear.

The Native Americans that are first thought to have used the headdress are the Sioux. The Sioux tribes are native to the areas of the Dakotas, Minnesota, and Iowa. So why does a northern New York school use an Indian wearing a headdress as their logo? The two Native American tribes that are native to New York are the Iroquois and the Algonquians, neither of which wear headdresses. Since the logo is geographically misplaced. some think it can be considered a problem for an educational institution, and should probably be changed.

The problem concerning the headdress seems to be a general concern of the Board, as there has been no particular complaint made.  The Board has directed the Principal of IRHS to get student input and opinions on the issue.

The IR letters with the stone spear or arrowhead however is not racist or geographically misplaced. All over the world spears have been used in combat and culture, including by New York state Native Americans. So this logo should be safe within the district as long as the Board of Education doesn’t decide to change the logo completely and replace it with something else.  There may be a copyright issue, considering the Florida State Seminoles may own the current spear itself, but this could be resolved with some graphic design.

Please tell us your opinion on the logo/mascot image in the comments, and/or our poll on the main page.