What was New Year’s Eve like in Times Square?

Elizabeth Cotter, Staff Reporter

For many, it is an item on their bucket list, but for Amy Cruise, a periodontal assistant, it was an experience to remember. Spending New Year’s Eve in Times Square is an envied spectacle for millions of  viewers around the world. She said that before people even entered Times Square they had to go through security. She said they check everyone’s bags, coats and even your boots.

I asked Amy to describe what it is like being in the huge crowd of people and she said, “ It’s crazy and everyone’s pushing and some people are polite but not everyone.”

She also added that the crowd consisted more of international tourists than Americans. Those envied accessories that the crowd has on TV are actually given out for free as you go through security! So besides being cold, you got a free souvenir; Amy got a big hat.

I asked Amy if you can see the ball and the stage and she said, “ I could see the ball. I was on the intersection of 45th and 7th; I couldn’t see the stage, but they had this big screen on.”

The performances that were on that night consisted of Miley Cyrus, Rodney Adkins, and Ryan and Macklemore. She said that the crowd does get to listen to the performers’ practice run throughs. Miley’s rehearsals were noticeably bad and seeing her live is definitely different from how she sounds on TV.

I also asked her which experience she thought was more enjoyable, watching it at home or being there in person, and she said, “ It all depends on what atmosphere you want, like if you want a loud  not relaxing atmosphere then go to Times Square, but if you want to sit on the couch and watch TV then stay home.”

My last question for her was if she would spend New Year’s Eve there again and she confidently said, “No, I would not, but I am glad that I did it.”