Is Mary Safer Than Alcohol?

Marijuana is on the rise once again. There seems to be another shift in the United States in favor of states relaxing marijuana laws, a topic that has been around for decades, and still this drug is illegal [federally] while alcohol is legal to use at the age of 21.

These two drugs have some similarities but there is one key difference, marijuana is dramatically safer than alcohol. Marijuana is also not as addictive of a drug according to Dr.Oz which he publicly said on his daily show which aired December 4, 2013. You can become addicted to the feeling of relaxation that’s associated with it, but not the drug itself. Alcohol, on the other hand, is very addictive physically, mentally, and physiologically, and it can leave you devastating effects.

There are many studies now that have shown alcohol is more dangerous than marijuana, according to the Center for Disease Control, excessive alcohol usage is the the third leading lifestyle related cause of death in the United States. In a typical year, there are roughly 25,000 alcohol induced deaths. Marijuana, on the other hand, does not cause overdose related deaths and comes with far fewer long-term health consequences due to

A growing number of states are getting money off of our federal government’s policy of absolute marijuana prohibition. By doing this, we take dealing of marijuana away from criminals and cartels and put it in the hands of licensed businesses. This would also decrease the overcrowding of prison facilities for people convicted of minor drug charges dealing with the selling, production, and possession of marijuana.

In the United States, Colorado is one of the states that has made recreational marijuana legal and its industry has exploded. For more than 80 years, our government has spent tens of billions of taxpaying citizens’ dollars fighting a war against marijuana.

Marijuana has been so far proven that it is safer than alcohol and it seems like it’s time to start to  treating it that way.  It even seems that NY Governor Cuomo’s administration is considering allowing medical marijuana, like California and a few other states.