The South’s Winter Wonderland

In the last couple of weeks, southern states such as Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, and Alabama have experienced a winter storm that people are not use to seeing. This is one of Mother Nature’s worst kinds of storms that can be inflicted on the South.

A winter storm that is dropping a mixture of Ice and Snow, up to three quarters of an inch of ice is suppose to hit Atlanta and up to 10 inches of snow is expected to come to Charlotte, NC. Just two weeks ago the whole city of Atlanta closed down due 2.6 inches of snow, only 2.6 inches! That’s dew in the grass in the morning to Northern New Yorkers like us.

However, area residents had warnings issued by forecasters, which lead them to emptying grocery store shelves, filling up their tanks with gas and filling their trunks with salt, and it’s pretty necessary that residents do such a thing. The reason why is because over 188,000 customers are without power according to CNN reports and city officials expect that number to raise throughout the week.