Missing Boeing 777: Flight MH 370–Who Turned This Plane Around?

How does an entire jumbo jet disappear?



Graphic courtesy of MCT Campus Service

A Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777, with 239 people on board, never made it from Kuala Lumpur to its destination in Beijing on Saturday March 8th. The search for the wreckage of the plane has been aided by many countries, including the United States Navy and Air Force. The passengers were mostly Chinese, but there were three Americans on board as well.

So far, every lead they have gotten as to the plane’s whereabouts has fallen through. The Vietnamese military has come up with several spots (including an apparent oil slick out at sea) which have all been later discounted.  Although “nothing is being ruled out,” among those pretty much disproven leads are a trail of oil in the ocean near where the plane lost radio contact, a supposed piece of wreckage, and the idea two potential terrorists on board.

However, according to CNN, the most recent news on the missing flight is that the plane was last detected several hundred miles off its original course along the Straits of Malacca near a small island called Pulau Perak. That means the plane completely turned around–if this lead is actually legitimate.

The race to find the plane gets more and more dire each day it isn’t found.  The families and friends of the passengers and crew are stuck in a horrible limbo of not knowing what happened.  Advanced satellites are now being deployed by China in hopes of aiding the search, among other technological gadgets being used by all the various countries working together to locate the aircraft. Hope for survivors of the missing plane are getting slimmer every day.