Can Speed Reading Open Up Time To Do More Productive Things?


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Screenshot from IAMTHEMOOSINATOR’s YouTube video.

Jacob McCartney, Staff Reporter

Ever get tired of spending countless hours finishing a novel? Do you not have enough time in your day to read your favorite author’s latest work, or that long passage required for class? Well, suffer no more because Spritz has been crafting a new digital project that allows even the most lazy of people to read between 250 and 1000 words per minute with ease!

 The Spritz app, which is still in development, works by flashing words at one point on a screen of your choice that is compatible with the app. The idea is that by saving less time between focusing on different words, you just automatically focus on one point and words flash by for you to read. By using a digital text, devices  such as smartphones, tablets, and even laptops could support this app and save people countless hours that they would spend switching their focal point and re-focusing on different words.

This app works for pretty much anyone that can read including children and the speed at which words are displayed can be altered to fit the readers personal level of reading. The main problem that the app has though, is that if people read too fast, they may not remember what they read. All problems aside, this is a great app, especially for people that don’t have very much time to read.