Will the PrioVR Be Another Extreme Addition To Virtual Reality?


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Screenshot from YEI Technology’s YouTube video.

Jacob McCartney, Totally Obsessed with Video Games

Though it may be old news to some, the PrioVR is another addition to revolutionizing the Virtual Reality gaming industry. The PrioVr is a fully interactive gaming system and it works by placing the sensors to the corresponding parts of your body. Your movements are tracked and put into a console that will move your in-game character in real time, fully immersing yourself into a video game. Though this is an incredible device, there are only specific games for it. Sorry, you can’t actually be inside Skyrim yet.

As it nears its final production stage, the PrioVR has attracted most of the non-lazy gaming community and the Prio is compatible with things such as the Oculus Rift, covering the visual immersion and the Omni, which exploits the unlimited moving space you would normally have in some video games. If you’re strapped for cash, or if you simply don’t care to buy the Oculus or the Omni, the PrioVr still works without the attachments, but it wouldn’t immerse your as much.

The PrioVR is still in production and they need funds for their final production phase. They have a kick-starter which you can learn more about here  if you want to see this project climb to its ultimate potential.