This Year’s Hot Ticket Item on He’s Russian


Courtesy MCT Campus Servic

Putin waves to the crowd during an Olympic hockey game.

Rebecca Hudon, Senior Global Correspondent and Love Doctor

Calling all single ladies looking for love… have I got a man for you!  An international man of mystery…

His name is Vladimir Putin and as of Wednesday, April 2 of this year, he is single. [Check out our latest poll!]

After thirty years of marriage, two daughters (both in their twenties), and allegations about an ‘interest’ in former Olympic gymnast Alina Kabaeva, Putin and his wife Lyudmila have come to the ‘civil agreement’ that their relationship can no longer work out. Little is known about the family themselves, partially resulting from Putin’s habitual secrecy he learned as KGB spy in the Soviet days.

Lyudmila states their divorce was a result of distance. Putin’s been a busy man the past few years, prepping for the Sochi Olympics, jailing punk rock chicks for daring to criticize the government, and invading Ukraine and all, he simply hasn’t had the time for his family like he used to. Of course decision making skills could also be a question here, the two have announced to the public that they plan to keep in contact, a hard feat to accomplish while one is running one nation and invading another.

Somehow I feel Putin’s love life won’t get much better from here on out.