IRHS Blood Drive: A Worthy Cause Even YOU Help


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Feeling very virtuous, and even more self-righteous than usual, Senior Vampire Correspondent Rebecca Hudon shows off her little boo-boo.

Long story short… Next year? Donate your blood. It’s like charity work but a lot easier to do than most of the alternatives. I, personally, am too antisocial to gab it up with the old folks in the nursing home. This was the service to humanity I could perform without, you know, coming face-to-face with humanity. You do some paperwork, nothing too complex, then you lay down on a bed with a temporarily numb arm. You can bring your MP3 or phone if you want… it will only take five or so minutes if you’ve had plenty to drink the night before. You also get out of 1-2 classes so you can eat free snacks… and a free STD test, just saying some of you might need that.

But of course, you’re probably thinking, “I’m a little baby and I’m afraid of needles because needles hurt!”

First of all… stop worrying about the needle. When they give you shots at the doctors your arm isn’t nearly as numb as it is donating blood. This is because in order to find your vein they apply pressure to your arm with a blood pressure pump and your arm numbs from loss of circulation. IF YOU THINK THAT’S PAINFUL, GET A CHICKENPOX SHOT THEN COMPARE IT FOR ME. You’ll realize it isn’t a huge deal.

If it really bugs you then don’t watch the needle go in. Turn on your iPod and play some tunes. It was pretty relaxing and if you were allowed to sleep during the process I would have been snoring in a matter of seconds. The afterward was nice too, it didn’t take me longer than the 15 minutes of rest to get back on my feet, and even with my history of blackouts I was able to stay conscious.

Plus, FREE SWAG – a rowdy red t-shirt (below)!  The perfect item to advertise how much better you are than mere-non-donating mortals.

Still don’t want to donate blood? Then you could always sign up to help run the snack table next blood drive, and help in recovery–y’know ask the people as they come out of it how they feel.


A 2014 Blood Drive t-shirt "swag" for participants.
A 2014 Blood Drive t-shirt “swag” for participants.