IRHS Can Drive: CAN It Make A Difference?


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The can drive ends May 16th. Please contribute as you are able.

What can you do to help your community? The French Club and Human Rights Club are sponsoring a canned food drive for the Philadelphia Food Pantry, and it ends on May 16th. Anybody can do this! Just grab a can of tomato soup from your pantry and toss it in your backpack, because every little bit really does help.  The Club members would like you to know your donations can be dropped off in the main lobby.

This community service takes maybe a minute out of your day, and that minute will be appreciated by the hungry men, women, and children who live all around us. According to the 2013 Fiscal Profile of Watertown, 18.5% of families in Watertown live in poverty. Compare that number to 15.1, the average poverty rate for New York cities.

How can our school feed the hungry? It’s not a complex math equation, just bring in some canned food! Tell your friends what you’ve done and get them to donate as well. If every person in our school donated one can of food, we’re looking at donating just under a thousand cans! That’s like one thousand bowls of steamy tomato soup. Having an empty stomach is something all teenagers despise, so empathize with people who have less than the majority and encourage the majority to give more.