3 Things You’ve Probably Done THIS YEAR To Leave you Open To Hackers


Carlos Paes


1.) Used Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is horribly outdated for a web browser. It’s coding is outdated to the point a hacker could easily get around your Windows operating system security. It became so obvious that government agencies were specifically telling their users and employees not to open anything in Explorer. In order to fix all the problems, Microsoft would have to have done  a top bottom rewrite of Internet Explorer. Microsoft claims to have fixed this with it’s newest updates, but in such short time I’m doubtful they got everything. Some of the schools computers STILL RUN INTERNET EXPLORER and the Castle Learning links STILL OPEN IE.

2.) Used one of these sites

The Heartbleed bug is not actually a virus like many people seem to believe. In all technicality, Heartbleed is a loophole in a program called OpenSSL allowing hackers to access passwords and other personal information on account based sites such as Facebook (if you have a Facebook you’ve probably gotten a message to change your password.) The easiest way to protect against further damage is to change your password… EVEN IF YOU ALREADY CHANGED YOUR PASSWORD AROUND THE INITIAL DISCOVERY OF HEARTBLEED. If you changed the password then the site probably wasn’t patched yet and Hackers could still have found your password.

3.) Failed to upgrade your Windows from XP
Oh how it pains me to say it… Windows officially STOPPED its updates on Windows XP. This includes security stuff so either upgrade to Vista or treat yourself and go to 7 or 8. SOME OF THE SCHOOL’S COMPUTERS STILL RUN XP. In fact, teachers use their online gradebooks in Internet Exlporer all the time…yikes.