Cocos Fire Causes Over $5 Million in Damages


Courtesy MCT Campus Service

An elderly man who refused to evacuate tries desperately to save his house and property with a garden hose

Gabi Caballero, Photo Manager

The area around San Diego, California, has been on fire for four days. What started as 9 wildfires has now seared almost 2,000 acres. Though much damage was done, officials say that the flames should begin to subside soon.

Crews in South California believe they will have the fire completely controlled by the end of the day. Most of the other fires should also be put out soon.

The weather has cooled down a bit bringing in colder winds and moist air from the pacific. This means that the Cocos residents, many of whom who have been staying on cots in a high school gymnasium that the Red Cross had turned into a fire shelter, can finally go back home.

Most of the cots were empty by now leaving Cocos resident Eloisa, who refused to give up her last name according to CNN, and a few others were left in the gym. Eloisa told CNN affiliate KGTV that she didn’t want to leave yet because of a delicious food she had tasted there.

“I don’t like Mexican food, but they had something called fajitas,” she said. “Oh, I came for seconds.”

Many residents have now been able to return to their homes, as crews have managed to tame some of the fire. This massive disaster seems to finally be coming to an end at the relief of many in Southern California.

Overall, 176,000 evacuation notices were sent out all throughout San Diego by cell phone, e-mails, text messages, and calls to homes and businesses.

The estimated damage cost (as of press time) exceeds 5$ million.


Infographic on the Cocos, California fire.
Infographic on the Cocos, California fire.