California Dreamin’–of Crude Oil Spill?

How Los Angeles Became Drenched In Oil…

Picture courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Picture courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Roughly half a mile of Los Angeles found the skies raining crude oil early Thursday morning when a pipe from a pumping station busted, sending a geyser of oil over twenty feet into the air. The issue was taken care of quickly, first by shutting off the oil, then by literally vacuuming the streets, soaping them down with hoses, and using sponges to soak up what was left.

According to ABC News, the spill had to be manually shut off and was knee-high in some places of the city. Numerous crews responded to the incident and it was supposedly taken care of around early afternoon; however, there is worry that some of the oil may find its way into the Los Angeles River. Two people were reported to have been sent to the hospital, many businesses and streets were closed, and a strip club near the pumping station was evacuated.

Luckily, permanent damage from this incident has not been reported, probably because of how the city was able to handle the situation quickly and efficiently without panic… unfortunately that is because they’ve dealt with this before, on more occasions than just this one.  Los Angeles harbor most recently dealt with one back in 2011, and they seem to happen every few years.  As one of the largest ports in the country, LA does process many imports.  And if there is one thing America imports a lot of, its oil.