3-D Smartphones by Amazon Coming Soon

3-D smart-phones…are they real, or something that should’ve been featured in “The Jetson’s” as a futuristic device?

IBM (International Business Machines Corporation) calims to have invented the first smart-phone in 1992. Their smart-phone, nicknamed “Simon,” featured the ability to: make and receive calls/e-mails/faxes, and also had a calendar. Simon cost $889 dollars–in ’92 dollars, when the usual price of gas in NY was less than $1.50 per gallon.

Since then smart-phones have taken an even more practical use, and basically taken over many people’s lives.   Smart-phones today have the ability to let you access Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, E-mail, etc. They also let you play games, use Google, listen to music, even more.  Smartphones on average cost $314 dollars.

Amazon is reinventing the smartphone to have a  3-Dimensional interface. With all the advances in technology, this was an expected upgrade but is still very exciting. There (as of press time) are no pictures of the actual 3-D smartphone. So far there’s only a teaser video that the company has released.

The 3-D smartphone is being released on June 18 at an event in Seattle that is open to Amazon customers, developers, and journalists who apply.