How Much Healthier Can School Lunch Be?

New Surveys Show Progress in Healthy Eating


Anderson Graphics/MorgueFile

These pears are totally cool with being gnawed on by happy children.

Researchers from New York and elementary schools have agreed on trying new school lunch menus. Researchers have found out that at the second half of the school year, the amount of money kids had to spend is unbearable. According to lindsey turner one of the people who did the research said that schools across the country and the leaders perceived that the students have and are accepting the new change of the new school lunches.

The NSLP or the National School Lunch Program has been starting to improve the lunch menus around the country since the 2012-2013 year. The schools had to deal with finding out how much more money they needed to spend in order to get more and more fruits and vegetables.

According to the institutes for health research and the policy at the university of illinois in chicago they sent out school lunch surveys and 56% of the schools responded that at first that the kids had complained at first but then 70% of the survey participants said that they had liked the lunches. Also due to the surveys some of the participants have said that they are buying their lunches more now than the previous years. Considering young kids might not like what they are eating they are being given healthier food.