Parents Sue School After Mysterious Death of Son Inside Gym Mat

How and Why Kendrick Johnson Died are Still Contentious


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Screenshot of press conference-slash-protest by the Johnson family and supporters, taken from local news video.

ATLANTA  Parents of a Georgia teenager whose body was found in a wrestling mat  rolled up his  are suing school officials for failing to “stop bullying” by classmates who may have beaten their son to death, their attorney said on Tuesday. The parents of Kendrick Johnson’s who filed the death lawsuit to subpoena witnesses.  The investigation shows the 17 year old’s death was mysterious–and maybe suspicious. The official county autopsy said the teen accidentally suffocated last year after falling into an upright rolled-up wrestling mat while retrieving a tennis shoe.

THE death of this black teenager  drawn wide attention due to its unusual circumstances and charges of racism. Some people say that Kendrick got harassed by a white classmate before his death. The lawsuit was filed on Monday .

The school district says Kendrick suffocated  himself by falling into a mat, but his parents had a separate autopsy done showing his skull was cracked as if he’d been beaten. They are still saying he got bullied  and then the bullies put his body in a mat.