Chicago or Chi-Raq? Gang Members Shoot Young Activist in Legs

Gun Violence in City Causes Comparisons to Iraq

It seems Chicago a young fellow that had recently appeared on CNN series “Chicagoland” was shot on the southside of Chicago.  Friends of the victim say his name was Lee McCollum Jr.

McCollum was shot twice in the legs.  He has since been treated and released from the hospital.

McCollum was featured on “Chicagoland,” his story was about him having grown up in a  rough side of Chicago and changing his life from a gangbanger to a student leader and has applied to go to a college away from Chicago.

McCollum was standing outside at approximately 7am Saturday. He was shot from a light or white-colored vehicle that passed by. This type of violence is a common thing in Chicago, with mutliple gun murders and shootings reported nearly every weekend this spring and summer.

Musician Chance the Rapper started a campaign to “PUT YOUR GUNS DOWN CHICAGO” before the Memorial Day weekend, getting radio stations to broadcast that phrase every hour from Thursday to Sunday.  The city went 42 hours without any reported shootings, but once the broadcasts stopped there was a shooting reported the very next day.

The July 4th weekend however, was one of the bloodiest on record, with over 60 reported shootings inside the Chicago city limits.