Peaceful Gouverneur & St. Lawrence Co. Fair Ends with Crash

Following the Jefferson and Lewis County fairs, St. Lawrence County hosted theirs this past week.  The Gouverneur  and St. Lawrence County fair kicked off on  Wednesday, July 30 and ended Sunday August 3rd.

There were many things to do at the fair such as 4-H exhibits, and the exhibition of cows goats sheep and many other farm animals . There was also a concert by Craig Campbell, a famous country singer.  Numerous rides and vendors  were available in the midway area, and as usual admission to the fair was free.  A demolition derby was held Sunday at 3 p.m.  The weather was mostly cooperative.

There was a motor sports thrill show 7 to 8:30 p.m involving showing a  motorcycle stunt in a cage.  According to WWNY-TV reporting, an accident occurred when the performer on the motorcycle  went too  high in the cage and fell off the bike.  He was injured, and as many as six other people in the crowd were also injured when the bike flew out of the cage and hit a group of people, including two older ladies and a young girl.  These unfortunate spectators were put in an ambulance and brought to Gouverneur Hospital.

The Country sheriff’s office has not filed any charges, calling the injuries accidental.