Your Phone is so Hot –It Melts Your Pillow


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Hey, your phone is, like, super hot. (screenshot)

A girl’s smartphone was charging while she was going to sleep. A 13 years old Texas girl’s smartphone burned her pillow. The pillow that the phone was under that the phone made the pillow had a little indent of the phone. The phone that she was using was a samsung Galaxy S4 that the plugin for the phone burst and in 2011 and 2012 a Iphone 4 owner that she heard popping and sizzling.

Screenshot of local TV report on the burning phone.
Screenshot of local TV report on the burning phone.

The reason for the big burn is because from the manufacturer batteries in the phonse. people think that is is for poor-quality of the charger or the charging cable and they think it will go for all gadgets. Another woman had a phone battery literally explode in her gym bag in Florida.  At the end you should make sure that you don’t hear a popping or a sizzling from your phone and you will be safe.