Hot Car Hysteria Jumps the Shark

Breaking Windows to Rescue Baby Dolls

IT was a hot day in Hoboken, New Jersey.   A man was walking by a parked car he saw a baby in child’s car seat; it was hot outside and in the car and the baby looked like it was asleep and, as we all know, that’s dangerous.  So he called 911 and emergency responders rushed over there to the parking lot and smashed the window of the car to take out the baby.  They took it and it turns out it was a doll.

The Hoboken Ambulance Corps president said it’s still great to see the community jumping into action when it thinks a child is in danger.

Thomas Molta, president of Hoboken Volunteer Ambulance Corps, said himself that the doll looked real. The actual owner of the doll was  2-year-old granddaughter of the car’s owner, a little girl named Kitty Mieles.  Molta makes the point, “You can replace a window, but you can’t replace a life,” and talked about how only seconds separate life and death sometimes.

The car’s owner was in good spirits about the incident, and vowed to never leave her granddaughter’s doll in the car seat again.  The City of Hoboken has said in a statement that they will pay for the broken window.